What photographers do

(Warning: this post is kind of long. But it’s mostly pictures. So while your scroll-wheel finger might get tired, your eyes and brain should be fine. Reading time approximately 2 minutes)

Ever wondered what photographers do? Probably not… it’s pretty obvious – they take pictures. Well, I have been taking a stack recently, and I went on a little road trip (with my family), too. So I thought you might like to see the evidence.

First up I went to see long-time clients Davies Collison Cave to update some of their profile shots:


I caught up with my old buddy the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, John So, at a little birthday celebration (85 years of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation):

John So & friends

Then the CFMEU summoned me to photograph Vice President Noel Washington, who faces a jail term for not talking to the ABCC:

Noel Washington

But I wasn’t finished with unions… AMWU asked me to go down to the Waubra wind farm and shoot one of their guys with his handiwork, to illustrate a story about what the union is doing about climate change:

Dave at Waubra Wind Farm

(funny how those two shots are kind of the same)

It had only been a week or two since I had seen John So, but I was missing him already. So we got together again for “Melbourne’s Biggest Community Lunch” at the Royal Exhibition Buildings (complete with “Christmas in July” theme). I got to mix with bigwigs like Mike Brady, police commissioner Christine Nixon, and the entire Melbourne Football Club:

Melbourne's Biggest Community Lunch

My last bit of work before our little family road trip was for Amphibian Creative, who commissioned me to shoot a bunch of portraits for a staff incentive program:

Studio Portraits

After all of that work and what with the school holidays and all, it was only fair that we take a nice family road trip. First port of call was my Mum’s place near Merimbula. We managed to get a trip to the (beautiful but rather cold) beach in, as well as a visit to Potoroo Palace animal park:

Rocks at Short Point

Finally we stopped in Canberra to spend some time with the family of my beautiful bride, Jen.

All good things must come to and end, as they say (come to think of it, who does say that?), and now it’s back to work… as always, if you need me, you can find me at smartshots.com.au

See you around!


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  • Brent Danley

    31/07/2008 at 22:59

    funny how those two shots are kind of the same

    At least you switched the lighting. 🙂 I enjoyed your post.

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