The best summer holidays in the world ever

Well, the last week of January is here, so you’re probably back at work by now, doing stuff like this:


I thought it would be a good time to reflect on 2007, talk about a few nice things that happened over the holidays, and start thinking about how you and I can have a ‘bumper’ 2008 together!

First and foremost – thanks for everything in 2007. It was awesome working with you all… I had a blast! Particularly memorable highlights:

  • Serving on the board of ACMP (Australia’s industry association for commercial photographers)
  • “The Sopranos” influenced shoot for Centurion Metering Technologies
  • Meeting and photographing MYOB co-founder Craig Winkler
  • Flying to the Coonawarra and Mildura to shoot the Katnook Estate and Deakin Estate wineries
  • Traveling to England to visit my daughter Louise
  • Going for a ride in not one, but two King Airs

The ‘Holiday Season’

  • I kicked off the holidays by starting (another) website! It’s called “Woop Guy” and it’s completely pointless but I enjoy it. Try and stop me 🙂
  • We spent Christmas at home for once, and our families trekked in from Canberra, Sydney, and Adelaide.
  • After all that we were ready to escape the heat in Melbourne and take a quiet relaxing family holiday. We spent a week in beautiful Inverloch, where as well as getting plenty of beach time, we got together as a family and wrote down our goals for the year (see also this article by my lovely bride Jen for more about new year goals).
  • As if that wasn’t enough holidaying, Jen and I managed to sneak away to Coffs Harbour for a few days without the kids. A friend was getting married and twisted my arm (very hard) into shooting the wedding. Who could resist staying at a resort right on the beach?
  • And to top it off I went for a ride in a Tiger Moth last Sunday, including some aerobatics! Jen had bought me the ride for my birthday back in November, and I finally got to take it.

Let’s have a bumper year, you and me

Is 2008 going to be your big year? My objective is to help your wildest dreams come true (seriously!) by providing you with outstanding, engaging photography that helps you meet your goals. I hope we get to work together soon. Happy new year!

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