Insert Lame Pun Here

OK, I guess we should pick this thing up where we left off…

Since I haven’t written a post here since September, I thought I’d thought I start off with something different, and not force you to endure one of my silly puns as the post title.

I won’t mix things up too much, though – still plenty of pictures! But I won’t try and fit everything that’s been happening into one post. A bit at a time. More fun for all of us that way, don’t you think?

25 Sep 2008: Australian Anthill Cool Company Awards

Australian Anthill Cool Company Awards 2008

Always a fun night… and, like many corporate awards events, always a bit of a b**ch to shoot thanks to the low light levels. But with some fast glass and a steady hand, good results are possible.

26 Sep: Veggie Fun with Matt & Monica

Long-time clients and all around fun people Matt and Monica have a book out. The “muscle” version of the cover was a bit too scary for some, so we shot this alternative version as well.

Matt and Monica... with vegetables

Nice and non-threatening, don’t you think?

And finally (for now)… 

25 Oct: Bentley Stylez

I went all hip-hop and photographed this guy with just a hint of strobist action:

Bentley Stylez

That’s enough for now… join me next time (soon, hopefully!) and I’ll see if I can find a few more pictures worthy of your attention.

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